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I love shoes, and I can't bare to see them perish. When the buckles on my wedding shoes started to rust I thought it's time to do something about it. From now on the shoes might be gone but the appreciation continues!

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Sam Eldelman Yaro ankle-strap block-heel sandals 110mm in coral suede

I wanted some block heels with ankle straps so badly but they were harder to come by than I had imagined.  Either the color was not right, or the straps are not in the right width, or the heels were too low, too chunky.  Yes I am picky.  Stuart Weitzman have some good ones but I can't justify the price point and the not-so-comfortable fit for me.  So it was without hesitation when I came across these sandals by Sam Eldelman at 1/4 of the price.  The plan was to get the normal color, i.e. nude or black, but I could not resist this coral pink.  It's just so much more lively and summery it makes me so much happier.  I hope they will be as versatile as nude.   True to size.

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