The reason

I love shoes, and I can't bare to see them perish. When the buckles on my wedding shoes started to rust I thought it's time to do something about it. From now on the shoes might be gone but the appreciation continues!

Monday, 28 August 2017

Alexandre Birman Lolita ankle strap sandals 100mm in silver metallic leather

I had been look at Alexander Birman shoes for a while and the pair I wanted was Clarita.  They seem to be sold out forever and so when these came along a mega sale I thought I would give them a try.  I have to say the quality and fit for these shoes exceeded all my expectations!  The leather is the softest and finest I have ever seen.  The fit is also incredible and very supportive.  I am going to try to hunt down a pair of Clarita now.  True to size.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Christian Louboutin Pigalle pumps 85mm in black patent

I am compromising - must be getting old! I do enjoy the 85mm comfort for day time wear.  They don't look as nice but my feet are grateful.  Pigalle could easily be the best-looking 85mm available so I shouldn't complain. Buy one size up.

Valentino Tango block-heel pumps 60mm in red patent

I did it! I finally got a pair of Tango. I was hoping to get a pair with ankle straps but then I came across these and they look and fit fab!  They will be a good replacement of the experimental pair I got earlier.  As much as I like the previous pair I can not stand non-leather insoles.  True to size.

Rupert Sanderson Malory 100mm in shatter honeydue

Another purchase in the irresistible online sale. While I love the color I have to say I'm a little disappointed with the cut.   The usual signature low curvy vamp is nowhere to be seen! The toe compartment seems a bit deeper than usual too.  I guess they will at least be comfortable.  Buy half size up.

Rupert Sanderson Nada pumps 80mm in glitter delta gold

My second pair of Nada. I bought the first pair not knowing for sure if I would get a lot of wear.  They were on sale and I thought why not. They turned out to be extremely versatile and I basically wore them to death.  Literally.  When the Sanderson sale began it was time to grab another pair.    They are very comfortable and I love the vamp and fit.  Glitter pink was also available and I wish I had gotten those instead of gold.  Buy half size up.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Bottega Veneta Bette d'orsay pumps 100mm in blue black red patent

My first ever pair of shoes from Bottega Veneta.  Very excited to try them in the winter. I envision a perfect match with these and my purple trench coat.  Let's see.  Love the d'Orsay design and the slightly chunkier heels, somehow they feel very retro.  The signature weave print and high-gloss finish also make them very captivating.  The straps are also an unusual arrangement but they look surprisingly well on my feet.  Hope they are comfortable as well!  Buy half size up.

Repetto Camille block-heel pumps 35mm in orange patent

At long last I found a pair of Repetto at the outlet in my size and in the color which I like!  They are obviously another find for my current block heel obsession.  They go nicely with cropped pants or jeans. Buy half size up.  Love the shallow toe compartment and the snug fit. Hope they are as comfortable as people say they are. Official color is Kiss.  

Sam Eldelman Yaro ankle-strap block-heel sandals 110mm in coral suede

I wanted some block heels with ankle straps so badly but they were harder to come by than I had imagined.  Either the color was not right, or the straps are not in the right width, or the heels were too low, too chunky.  Yes I am picky.  Stuart Weitzman have some good ones but I can't justify the price point and the not-so-comfortable fit for me.  So it was without hesitation when I came across these sandals by Sam Eldelman at 1/4 of the price.  The plan was to get the normal color, i.e. nude or black, but I could not resist this coral pink.  It's just so much more lively and summery it makes me so much happier.  I hope they will be as versatile as nude.   True to size.

Number Twenty-One ankle-strap sandals 85mm in blue and silver

Didn't plan to buy shoes in Japan as imports are so expensive.  Nonetheless I went to Isetan for a stroll while husband was out shopping for fishing gear and came across these. Number Twenty-One seems to be an in-house brand for Isetan.  They are manufactured in Vietnam to keep the costs down I suspect, and some of the designs are "inspired" by other designer labels.  These for instance are a dead ringer of the Aquazzura shoes I was thinking of buying (I did;t because the fit wasn't particularly comfortable).   At 1/4 of the price of Aquazzura I did not hesitate.  They turn out to be reasonably comfortable, would be good if there's a bit more padding on the soles.  Love the straps and the color contrasts.  True to size.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Gianvito Rossi Sofia ankle strap pumps 105mm in black and beige fabric

Another pair of Gianvito Rossi shoes I found at the outlet sale.  They seem very similar to Gia except for the slightly thicker ankle straps.  Since they were cheap plus I would get an extra quantity discount so I thought why not.  Nice fit and support.  True to size.

Gianvito Rossi Gia ankle-strap pumps 105mm in black patent

I have been looking for a pair of ankle wrap pumps for a while.  Can take Louboutin's Uptown off my watch list now that I have found these.  They are my first pair of Gianvito Rossi and they feel quite promising.  The workmanship and fit seem superb and consistent with the Rossi legacy. Feeling chuffed too because I found them at an outlet for a fraction of the original price.  Buy one size up.

Jimmy Choo Billie block-heel pumps 65mm in glitter

Another pair of block heels as I just couldn't say no to glitter.  Love how they look with jeans, but it may be a little tricky to match them with other things.  Official color is camellia mix, but it's a silver glitter with a slight pink tint.  Buy one size up.

Bershka block-heel pumps 50mm in red fabric

The search for block heels was over finally over.  I no longer need to hunt down a pair of Valentino Tango after I got these.  Love the color and the shape.  They go effortlessly well with my cropped jeans, and many other pieces from my wardrobe. They seem reasonably comfortable, although I wish they come in half sizes as mine get a bit tight on a hot day.  Not really complaining given the very reasonable price point.  Buy half size up. 

Sophia Webster for J. Crew 100mm ankle strap sandals in white and green

These are so much fun! Love the color combination and the mixture of fabric and leather.  They even have hot pink soles! Perhaps others don't want fun and that's how they ended up in the outlet.  I have never had Sophia Webster shoes before and they don't feel entirely supportive and comfortable. Maybe it is a cheaper line collaborating with J. Crew? True to size.

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Follies pumps 100mm in beige patent

Another pair of Pigalle Follies in nude to add to the collection.  Still love the shallow toe cap and vamp.  Buy one size up.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Jimmy Choo Lang ankle strap sandals 100mm in yellow leather

Finally I got a pair of Lang.  I had been looking, and waiting for a pair with the right color and material.  Love the egg-yolk color (official color is Sun). The usual brilliant Jimmy Choo fit. Buy half size up.

Jimmy Choo Doodle ankle strap sandals in fuchsia patent leather

An easy and vibrant pair.  They should go with everything in the summer.  Official color is Jazzberry.  Buy half size up. 

Frye Camilla knee boots 80mm in brown distressed leather

Totally bought these because they were on sale.  They seem pretty well made, and the fit seem ok when tried on.  The shearling lining and rubber soles hold be good for wet and cold weather.  True to size.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Christian Louboutin New Very Prive 120mm in mauve patent and glitter

Another addition to the Prive collection.  I had made a promise to myself to avoid 120mm but I fell into the glitter + Very Prive trap once again. They came in two colors and I pick mauve over powder blue.  I'm hoping the one-inch platform would help make these more wearable.  Buy half to one size up.

Christian Louboutin Rivierina ankle straps 100mm in yellow and pink patent

I would not have tried these on normally but the sales person insisted.  And I had to thank him.  Love the color combination and how they look on my feet.  Very summery and modern and a great addition to a summer wardrobe.  Buy half size up.

Christian Louboutin Ticopump pumps 100mm in blue suede

I suppose it's not always about glitter.  I have solid and normal looking shoes in my collection too.  The usual Louboutin fit and shape.  They feel very similar to Elisa, except the heels are a little different.  Great buy on sale! Buy half size up.

Christian Louboutin Iriza pumps 100mm in glitter

I stepped in the shop to dodge the rain, and I got out with the best shoes (not necessary very friendly for day-to-day use).  Oh well.  Glitter, pointy, d'Orsay. I could not resist.  Love the minimal toe coverage too. It's a pointy version of Helmour. True to size.

Alaia Grenat ankle boots 80mm in burgundy suede

My very first pair of Alaia.  It's trying to impress from the moment you get the shoe box - or should I call it a shoe trunk.  The shoes themselves were very well crafted, and the last extremely comfortable and snug.  Love how well fitted they are around my ankles too.  Buy one size up.

Aquazzura Karlie wedge sandals 110mm in brown suede

My very first pair of Aquazzura and I was not disappointed.  They are very well-made and they fit nicely.  Unlike most wedges and espadrilles, they make my feet look very dainty and streamlined. True to size.

J.Crew ankle straps flats in glitter

Another great netaporter sale find!  Love love love the rainbow glitter and the white trims.  My first pair of pointy flats as well.  And while usually pointy flats tend to make my feet look huge, the glitter and ankle straps seem to deflect issue. The leather is actually very soft and they are extremely comfortable.  Will check out more J. Crew shoes in the future.  True to size.