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I love shoes, and I can't bare to see them perish. When the buckles on my wedding shoes started to rust I thought it's time to do something about it. From now on the shoes might be gone but the appreciation continues!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Louboutin Helmour pumps 100mm in burgundy patent

The official color is called metal. I love how they are practically a mixture of Ron Ron's round toe and Elisa's slender heels, plus an interesting d'orsay design.  It wasn't until I tried them on then I realised how challenging they could be.  I guess the d'orsay cutout is rather shallow and I can't help but to feel that half my feet are sticking out.  The shoe guy assured me that my feet are narrow enough for a good fit and that they look fine.  I read on the Louboutin book that the design was an inspiration of Cinderella's shoes.  The extra exposure should make one feel sexy like a princess in her glass shoes.  Now it's all making sense!  Buy half size down.

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